29. November 2023

The intensification of the miners forced the authorities to suspend the power supply to some parts of Abkhazia.

On Sunday 15th November, power cuts began in some parts of Abkhazia due to overloaded networks.

As specified by the Prime agency, the Bitcoin Storm decision to suspend the power supply was taken by the company „Chernomorenergo“ due to a surge of activity of the miners.

In some parts of Sukhumi, the Gali, Ochamchyr and Gulrypsh districts there have been massive illegal connections of miners to the electricity grid. The first power outage took place on Sunday night. It lasted for two hours. The next blackouts may take place in the near future.

In addition to the above-mentioned regions of Abkhazia, power supply will be partially suspended in some parts of the Gudauta, Sukhumi and Tkuarchal districts, as well as in New Athos.

The authorities of the republic have not been able to get the miners out of the underground. Even legalisation of crypt mining and a ban on the import of mining equipment have not yet led to a reduction in energy consumption in the republic.

On the contrary, the scale of underground mining continues to grow, which causes fears among local authorities. The Abkhazian Ministry of Economy previously reported that almost every day in garages, sheds and cellars, residents of the republic secretly connect to the networks and launch crypto-mining equipment.